The standards setting committee

A Standards Setting Committee of 18 independent experts has been appointed by the IPMSC to draft and consult on the new International Property Measurement Standards.

The committee is represented by 18 property experts from 11 different countries and 5 different continents.  Between them, the Standards Setting Committee has experience of property measurement methodologies in almost 50 countries.

The committee has been hard at work, sharing information and drawing on the expertise of its members during recent meetings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with inconsistent measurement practices. Our programme of work over the coming months is an ambitious one, but we are in no doubt that the standards being developed will go a long way to improving transparency in real estate markets around the world.

Max Crofts, Consultant at Jones Lang LaSalle, and Chairman of the Standards Setting Committee.

The Committee is comprised of:

Max Crofts, (UK) – Chairman  
Allen Crawford, (Australia) – Vice Chairman  
Alexander Aronsohn, (UK) – Executive Secretary  
Alex PW Leung, (China) Prof. Marc Grief, (Germany)
Kent Gibson, (USA) Luke Mackintosh, (Australia)
Claudio Bernardes, (Brazil) Howard Morley, (New Zealand)
Frederic Mortier, (Belgium) Sara Stephens, (USA)
Peter L. Stevenson, (USA) Nicholas Stolatis, (USA)
V. Suresh, (India) Koji Tanaka, (Japan)
Prof. Sr Dr Ting Kien Hwa, (Malaysia) Dr. Piyush Tiwari, (India)
Anthony Gebhardt, (South Africa)  Andrey Lukahsev, (Russia)