The standards

The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition was formed on 30 May 2013 after meeting at the World Bank in Washington DC. The Coalition aims to bring about the harmonisation of national property measurement standards through the creation and adoption of agreed international standards for the measurement of buildings.

The Coalition are working to produce international standards that will enable different classes of buildings to be measured on a transparent basis. IPMS will promote market efficiency through greater confidence between investors and occupiers by providing consistent property measurements for transactions and valuations.

The IPMS Coalition has acknowledged that other classes of property may also benefit from consistent measurement standards, such as schools, hospitals, hotels and student accommodation. The Coalition expects to develop IPMS for these types of property in the future.


  Paul Bagust
Chair of the Trustees
IPMS Coalition
Maurice Barbieri
Vice Chair of the Trustees
IPMS Coalition
Ron Cohen
Secretary General
IPMS Coalition