IPMS is the hot topic at ReBuild 2013

A conference session on IPMS and real estate market transparency was a highlight at this year’s ReBuild Conference in Milan, Italy.

ReBuild – the national conference on services and technologies for the sustainable redevelopment of existing buildings – first took place in 2012 and this year welcomed more than 400 visitors from seven countries around the world.

Amongst the speakers were key figures in the Italian real estate sector including a number of high profile organisations such as The Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (Anci), The Association of Real Estate Industry, Assoimmobiliare and FAI (Italy’s National Trust).

IPMS was a hot topic amongst delegates following a keynote session titled “A shared measurement approach to real estate”. Led by Alexander Aronsohn, Executive Secretary member of the IPMS Standards Setting Committee, the session included a lively panel discussion on the value of shared, international standards for measuring property assets. Other panellists included Maurizio De Angeli of Colliers Italia, Paola Malentacchi of Beni Stabili Gestioni SGR, and Antonio Martino of Patrigest.

Alex ReBuild

Speaking after the conference, Alexander said:

The ReBuild conference is particularly relevant to IPMS given the large number of attendees who deal regularly in the valuation and occupation of commercial property across Europe and the rest of the world. The level of interest in IPMS, and indeed the existing level of awareness of the initiative gives great reason to be confident that IPMS will be a huge success when it launches next year. The international nature of events such as ReBuild highlights the global nature of the property profession. IPMS will go a long way to embedding a common language for property professionals, enhancing standards and improving transparency in the reporting of space measurements.